About Us

    In many ways, housing development is a family business for me. My grandfather, E.W. Simpson, was a master carpenter. He fixed homes for families throughout the Chicago area most of his adult life. This was not a one man show, he taught all 13 of his children to hammer a nail, hang drywall, or a range of other handy skills. My aunts and uncles took his skill and work ethic and developed specialties of their own. Whether it was plumbing, painting, or buying property, they all continued the legacy in their own way. With my grandfather as the foundation, my generation builds and develops houses so that other people will have homes. 

Donell Barnett is the principle of DLBarnett Development. He has ten years of residential real estate experience, having developed and rehabbed properties throughout the OKC and Dallas metro areas. 

DLBarnett Development, LLC. is a real estate development company with a focus on improving the living conditions in small to mid-size communities. By focusing on communities, rather than individual properties, we striveto improve the wealth and well being of the community through developing property, connecting residents  with housing resources, and consulting with municipalities and community organizations.